Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ballot for action to begin 9th September

Members in Scottish Local Government will be balloted on a programme of industrial action in support of an improved pay offer in September this year. The ballot will open on 9th September and close on 29th September.
Inez Teece

Industrial action options are currently being considered but it is likely that it will start with a day of action by all members in the event of a successful ballot.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary and Vice Chair of the Scottish local Government Committee said, "This is an important time for our members, cuts to services are a reality in all local authorities, jobs continue to be shed at an alarming rate, terms and conditions are under threat and those members that are left are required to do more for the same or less.

"On top of this the Scottish Employers have imposed a paltry pay increase. This has not been negotiated it has simply been imposed!

"Pay remains a priority for this union now is the time to give that message to our employers and tell them that we will not be treated like this. We are told that the economy is back at 2008 levels. If that is true how come our pay has not kept pace?" asked Inez.

A group has been established at Scotland level, to develop the campaign and provide the resources and support for branches to engage with members. The Branch will now take the campaign out to our members to build for a YES vote. Further details will be announced on the website in the coming days.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Aberdeenshire Branch sends best wishes and solidarity to all trade union members taking action for fair pay today

Aberdeenshire Branch sends greetings in solidarity with all our UNISON colleagues in schools and local government in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and with other trade unions colleagues, including the PCS union, taking action across Scotland as well as the rest of the UK.

Click here to see reports from our UNISON colleagues.

Tweet your support at #J10strike#NJCpay14

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Members vote for action ballot

The Consultative Ballot on Local Government pay closed on 7th July with members voting by 65% to 35% in favour of moving to a formal industrial action ballot in support of an improved offer.

UNISON's Scottish Local Government Committee meet with Branch Secretaries to plan the next steps to maximise participation and win the ballot.

The Branch Secretaries' meeting will take place before the end of July.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Engaging with Health and Social Care Integration to protect members’ interests and the services they provide

Health and social care integration is both an opportunity and a threat, so it is important that UNISON branches in Health and Local Government are fully engaged in the process, to maximise the benefits for our members and service users, and to address any concerns.

Willie Duffy, Mark Ferguson and Tam Waterson
That was the message from Tam Waterson, Chair of Scottish Health and Mark Ferguson, Chair of Scottish Local Government, as they met with representatives from the Grampian Health Branch and Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire UNISON on Tuesday 1st July. Willie Duffy, Regional Organiser was also in attendance.

Tam and Mark have been charged by the UNISON leadership to visit Health and Local Government branches across Scotland to monitor progress and offer advice on the integration agenda.