Monday, 22 June 2015

Scotland United Against Austerity, George Square, Glasgow - a truly historic event

#ScotlandAgainstAusterity Aberdeenshire Branch members joined over 5000 people at the anti-austerity rally in George Square, Glasgow on Saturday 20th June.

Over 5000 gather to demand an end to austerity
Trade unions, political parties and community groups brought their banners and placards in a colourful display, all with one message. End austerity - it only benefits the rich.

They were part of a day of demonstrations against austerity with almost 250,000 thronging the streets of London to give the same message to this Tory Government. Austerity doesn't work and austerity hits the poorest and most vulnerable hardest. End austerity NOW.

Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair, who attended the rally said, "With inspiring speeches, great music and even some sunshine, it was a great event.

Conference calls for unity to expose the Tory lies and to protect public services

#uNDC15 UNISON's National Delegate Conference, held in Glasgow from 16-19 June 2015 was all about unity this year as delegates faced up to the fight of our lives - against a Tory government hell-bent on slashing public services and cutting benefits to our most vulnerable, whilst doing nothing to ensure the richest pay their fair share in tax.
Dave Prentis
General Secretary, Dave Prentis gave an inspirational speech and got a standing ovation as he condemned a vicious and vindictive Tory government and called for unity to fight for a better future for our members. He pledged to stand shoulder to shoulder with members on strike and warned employers "if you come after our activists we will take you on. An injury to one is an injury to all.

Join together and fight to protect public services and public service workers

#uLGC15 UNISON's Local Government Conference held in Glasgow from 15-16 June 2015, was all about the protection of public services and public service workers as delegates heard horror stories of the impact of the cuts on our members and on the people to whom they provide services.

Branch delegates,
Kate Ramsden and Ann Gray

We heard that huge numbers of our members are not paid the living wage and many are struggling to survive on low pay, insecure employment and zero hours contracts.

The effect of the cuts has meant that those in work are having to do more with less, affecting their work life balance with many going off with stress. Austerity has also had an impact on health and safety at work, and has had a huge impact on equalities with gains for women, black, disabled and LGBT workers being eroded daily. Young people have taken a terrible hit with unemployment higher amongst the 16-25 year olds that in any other age group.